What is Auto Purchase Program for Costco Members?

It is a program that offers Costco Members special incentives when you purchase a vehicle.
Please visit participating showrooms after program entry.
Look at each participating brand's page to see the promotion period and eligible showrooms.

member-only incentives.

Only Costco member can receive a Costco prepaid card as a special
incentive worth at least 60,000yen for a new car or
30,000yen for a used car!
After entering this program, Costco members who makes a purchase
on vehicles at the participating showroom during the period will be
gifted with a Costco Prepaid Card
for the following amount.

Steps to get a special incentives

There are two ways for
program entry

Program Flow

Program entry
(reservation for showroom visit)
Visit to showroom
Completion of vehicle
purcjase contract
Receive a Costco
Prepaid Card upon
delivery of vehicle

Program Flow

Visit to showroom
Program etry
Completion of vehicle
purcjase contract
Receive a Costco
Prepaid Card upon
delivery of vehicle
  • If you come to the showroom without pre-entering, please complete the entry at the showroom on the day of your visit.
    We would like you to enter a program in advance for smooth guidance and reliable program application.
  • Please bring your Costco membership card and inform a showroom staff that you are a Costco member when you visit the participating showrooms.

Notes on Program Eligibility

  • ・Prior web entry is required prior to the start of the first meeting to apply for this program.
  • ・If no advance entry is made, same-day web entry is required by the start of the first meeting on the day of your visit to the showroom.
  • ・Special incentives are limited to Costco members and their family members who have purchased a new or used vehicle. Some showrooms sell only new cars and some stores sell only used cars. For details, please inquire at the showroom or by filling out the inquiry form on this website.
  • ・The special incentive will be handed at the time of delivery of the vehicle.
  • ・Please understand that this program should be announced by the Costco member. There is no information given from the dealership.
  • ・Please contact the showroom for details regarding vehicle contracts and models.
  • ・The contents and period of this program are subject to change without notice.

Choose a brand

Choose a brand to enter a program.

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